Gruta de São Miguel or Saint Micheal's Caves is an enchanting spectacle in the Anhumas Valley close to Bonito.  Caves play an important role in our humanity.  From our prehistoric ancestry to our mythology and fiction, caves hold a profound place in the human psyche.  While caves inevitably draw us in, the extraordinary variety of birds, and sometimes other wildlife, that inhabits the area including Blue-crowned Trogons, several varieties of Tanagers, Caciques, Red & Green Macaws, Blue & Yellow Macaws surprises visitors as well.

Before you go:

Vouchers must be purchased in advance through Bonito Booking or another qualified agency; you cannot arrive without a reservation and participate. The cost of the voucher is determined by the owners of the attraction on an annual basis and published by the Association of Attractions of the Bonito Region ATRATUR. São Miguel Caves charges the same price for admission during the high (holiday) & low period.  Transportation is not included in the price of the voucher. You can either drive yourself, or we can provide transportation for you. All the tours are conducted by a local tour conductor in the Portuguese language. As this is an interpretive tour, if you are not fluent in Portuguese, we highly recommend that you consider going on the tour with one of our private bilingual naturalist interpreters.

What to Bring:

  • Loose-fitting comfortable clothes.
  • A cap or hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Camera
  • Tennis shoes are mandatory
  • A healthy snack& mineral water

The Tour:

São Miguel Caves lies 18 from the center of Bonito by a well-maintained dirt road.  We recommend that you depart for the caves an hour before your scheduled tour.  On arrival, you should register at the reception area and present your voucher.  There will be time to have a coffee in the cozy reception area as well as to observe the local avifauna. The tour begins in the reception area with a brief video presentation about the region and the caverns.  After being fitted with caving helmets, you cross a suspension bridge to a scenic overlook where there is a chance to see more wildlife and finally enter the caverns.  You will see different types of Speleothems stalactites, stalagmites, travertines.

Location & Duration:

São Miguel Caves is located on a well-maintained dirt road 18 km from the city.  The Caves are usually visited in conjunction with nearby Gruta de Lago Azul. São Miguel Caves is also an excellent alternative to Gruta do Lago Azul during periods of heavy rain, and in the high season when the Gruta sells out well before your visit, as well as for those with limited mobility.  If possible, we recommend that you visit São Miguel Caves either early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the best chances to see wildlife. The tour lasts a little over an hour.  A visit to the two caves can be combined in a half-day morning or afternoon period.  Although nearby, if you intend to visit Abismo Anhumas you should schedule this for should schedule this for a different day during your visit.


The reception area has restrooms and snacks can be purchased. Meals are not served there or included in the price.


Backpacks are not allowed to be brought in the cavern.  Use of sneakers is mandatory.  Accompanied children must be over the age of five. While not fully handicapped-accessible because of stairs in the caverns, the trail is one of the easiest in Bonito, and there are handrails on the staircases in the cavern. This trip is recommended for those who have mobility issues.  At your request, you can arrive at the caves by electric cart rather than by the suspension bridge.  São Miguel Caves has one of the most developed infrastructures for cave tours anywhere in Brazil.  


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